step-1As promised, we will be spending the last twelve weeks of 2016 featuring the 12 steps to successful quilt making.  Perhaps you can use these steps when preparing your holidays gifts.

Here is the first Essential key:  UNDERSTANDING YOUR PATTERN!

Please read the pattern from beginning to end, and ensure that you understand it. Continue reading “STEP 1: UNDERSTANDING YOUR PATTERN”


intro-to-12-stepsHello Everyone and welcome!

We are now into October and most of us are wondering where has the summer gone?  Right?  We might even be thinking what have we done since the new year?  We only have 3 months left of this great year yet have we reached our goals?  Where are we with that?



I’ve been a Quilt shop owner for twelve years.  I have seen many customers walk into the shop and I have also seen many outside of my shop. Having been through so many experiences, and closing up the shop, I had many goodbye lunches and dinners with my quilting friends and customers.  They’ve all asked me to share a few of my stories and through all the conversations many replied that there should be a Quilt Shop Etiquette guide to help people figure out the does and don’ts with quilt shop owners. Continue reading “QUILT SHOP ETIQUETTE”


I have made it back home from Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City and took some time to rest after a hectic schedule which included a sprint run in O’Hare airport to make my connecting flight home.  I had such a great time and met so many wonderful people that it will be difficult to keep this blog short.

The exciting news is that I finally launched my new pattern Dancing Diamonds and you can order your copy from PlumEasy Patterns. Continue reading “SPRING QUILT MARKET”

We need some time people!

I woke up this morning with my husband lying right beside me with that look… So I snuggled up to him thinking it would be a great start to my day.

But it wasn’t what I had envisioned, he gently whispered to me :

“My siblings and I were wondering if you could make a quilted pillowcase with pictures for my mom’s birthday?” Continue reading “We need some time people!”

April fool’s day!

April fool’s Day

I can’t believe it’s already been five years since I have made my Thomas goes fishing quilt!  And it all started on April fool’s Day in 2011.

I had a monthly club meeting happening with a group of quilter’s that wanted to share in my design experience.  We would meet once a month and I would show them what I would be working on and they would test the pattern.  They also challenged my work on numerous occasions, and this quilt is a good example of the great designs they helped me make.

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