To find out more about  Deborah Miller, you can read my Meet the Designer article in Quilter’s World Spring 2016 issue.

I feel so blessed to count her as a friend.  Deborah has developed lots of patterns that are very easy to make.  SERIOUSLY!  They come with templates that guide you along every stitch.  Thanks to her, I can make a hot pad in less than 15 minutes.  My personal favorite is the Hot Pad Table Runner and my project is nicely featured on my ironing board which I use as a side table when writing my blogs.


I have made it back home from Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City and took some time to rest after a hectic schedule which included a sprint run in O’Hare airport to make my connecting flight home.  I had such a great time and met so many wonderful people that it will be difficult to keep this blog short.

The exciting news is that I finally launched my new pattern Dancing Diamonds and you can order your copy from PlumEasy Patterns. Continue reading “SPRING QUILT MARKET”