Spreading the Love of Quilting Across the Globe

Claire Haillot has been a prominent figure in the quilting industry since 2004. With a mission to demystify the art of quilting and make it accessible to French-speaking individuals, Claire opened her own quilt shop. Her passion for quilting quickly translated into teaching and writing, as she became the go-to reference for French Canadians.

Over the years, she established her own line of quilting patterns, published in numerous magazines, and even won several awards for her stunning quilts:

  • Best of show at International Quilt Festival Chicago 2018  for Remembering Sochi
  • Second Place:
    • Salon 2022 for Remembering Sochi
    • Vermont Quilt Festival 2016 for  Remembering Sochi
    • Salon 2016 for Lone Star quilt
    • Vermont Quilt Festival of 2014 for Bienvenue
  • Juror’s choice at the Salon 2012 for Thomas goes fishing

Claire closed her quilt shop in 2016 and finds solace in sharing her love for quilting with others and continues to inspire quilters in North America and Europe.