In my last blog, I discussed the fact that your sewing room needed to become your STUDIO this year as you will be experimenting with your quilting.  While giving my lecture last weekend, many students had questions regarding their studio and I thought I should elaborate more on the subject.

When I started to talk about organizing your space to make room for your creativity, way back in 2015, many students reminded me that I had the space in my quilt shop to have a studio.  So I accepted the challenge to create a studio in my home.  Keep in mind that I have 3 boys and do not live in a mansion! And I will not apologize for the mess in the following pictures. Continue reading “TIPS & TRICKS FOR A BETTER STUDIO”


Step 4: Precise cuttingI wrote an article on this subject  in the Autumn 2014 Quilter’s World issue.

When deciding on the 12 steps to successful quilt making, I knew precision cutting had to be one of them.  The only question was which ranking it would have.

Here are a few key elements to ensure that you have precision cutting: Continue reading “STEP 4: PRECISE CUTTING”