Here is my inspiration for the Quilt I entitled Going Places!

2015-06-04 10.05.10

Four years ago, we discovered that all of our boys had a different way of walking.  We had noticed since their early childhood that they tip toed around a lot but never gave it a second thought.  That is until the second one started Kindergarten.  We all noticed that he couldn’t stand straight and even worse, he couldn’t put his heels on the ground.

In order to fix the problem, part of the treatment was to get casts on both legs for 5 weeks.  We had to change the casts every week and that became an event for him!  I have to admit that they know how to get kids excited about casts!  He was able to choose between navy, light blue, pink, purple, green, yellow and black casts.  Getting to choose which cast color would go on each leg was his weekly fix on joy!  And he never wanted the same color on both!  He wanted to experiment (I wonder where he gets his creativity).

Colored strips became the base of the quilt I designed while waiting for him at the hospital.  It was perfect timing as I had just received my Accuquilt GO and the cutting strip dyes.   I also knew that I wanted a big border in a solid colour so that Colleen could quilt foot prints all around as a reminder for my son to walk on his heels.



Needless to say he has loved the quilt ever since, but still walks on his toes.  We are getting accustomed to seeing him in casts every other year and the colors are still the fun part because he gets to choose.


Other quilters also love the pattern. They love how easy it is to create and the fact that they can cut the fabric with the Accuquilt GO in 15 minutes.

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