How books can spark some creativity

Wall hanging based on Create your own improv quilt book

In my last blog post I showed how changing two things could increase your creativity. In this post, I want to show you how reading a book can spark some more creativity.

If you want to venture into improv quilts, I have the book for you:

Rayna Gillman’s Create your own Improv Quilt from C&T Publishing

I downloaded this book on my Ipad before going on holidays last November as an easy read for me while on vacation.

Create your own improv quilts by Rayna Gillman
Create your own improv quilts was just the right read to jump start my creativity

I started reading the book on the plane ride to my destination but as soon as I saw the project instructions from the cover page, I wanted to scream to the pilot to turn around so that I could get back home and make the quilt.  

I strongly believe that this book played a significant role in getting me back into my studio and loving to quilt all over again.

As soon as I came back home I started picking out fabrics and I made my rendition of Rayna’s beautiful quilt in a week. But I did keep it simple and made a wall hanging.  

Quilt top based on Create your own improv quilts
My rendition – quilt top finished in a week

Machine quilting the project was also fun and easy. I quilted it over my Christmas holidays. Quilting in the diamonds with variegated thread to increase the intensity of the design.   After I went for simple straight lines with invisible thread in the background fabric. 

Machine quilting with PFAFF creative icon
I quilted with variegated threads in the diamonds
Quilting using the PFAFF creative icon
Quilting straight lines with invisible threads

I decided that I wanted to hand quilt some diamonds shapes using pearl cotton threads.  So I had to set the quilt away while waiting for my class in April. I decided to finish the binding while waiting.  This was a really good idea! I felt like the project was finished. I was merely adding hand embroidery to add pizzazz.

Finishing this quilt and hanging it in my home was the best thing I could do to help my creativity.  I see it every time I arrive home, as if it’s greating me saying: ”look at what you can do!” and I get the urge to go to my studio and make more quilts.

My improv quilt based on Rayna Gullman's book
Here’s my finished quilt based on the book Create your own Improv Quilt by Rayna Gullman’s from C&T Publishing

This truly proves how books can spark some creativity. So  Go grab a book! Pick out a pattern that you just LOVE. And finaly play with it until you’re happy. You’ll enjoy the process, I garantee it.


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