How a challenge can up your quilting skills

Trend-Tex challenge at quilt canada 2018

Another great way to be more creative in your studio is to participate in a challenge!  Being a regional rep for the Canadian Quiter’s Association , I agreed to participate in the annual Trend-Tex Challenge this year. That’s when I realized that a challenge can up your quilting skills!

Now this is very interesting .  The Trend-Tex Challenge is an annual event at Quilt Canada.  Participants purchase a kit of 5 fat quarters of Trend-Tex fabrics and make a wall size quilt.  All finished quilts are displayed at Quilt Canada and are sold by silent auction to raise funds for CQA/ACC programs and projects.

Five great Trendtex fabrics and rules for the challenge at Quilt Canada 2018
In my mail was the fabrics and rules of the Trend-tex challenge for Quilt Canada 2018

I got the beautiful fabrics with all the rules in the fall of 2017. At first I wanted to toss it away but I realized that this was a great opportunity to try something completely new to me.  Of course I felt the pressure.  Who wouldn’t? But I decided to simply enjoy this challenge and create something new.

Being in my improv mood, I decided to go with no rulers!

The theme was “Celebration” which made me think of bubbles in champagne, twirling while dancing and swirls thrown in the air. I stacked the fabrics and made some curved cuts and sewed them back together. I wanted to create swirls.

My first cut in a series of two to make my trend-tex challenge wall hanging
The blocks I made during the first curved cut, inspired by the Stack and wack technic

I wasn’t quite satisfied with the look so I stacked them once more and went for another set of cuts.  And I loved the way it looked.

My only regret is quilting the project before I received my PFAFF creative icon. But I still enjoyed quilting bubbles and swirls.

Loved making this wall hanging for the Trend-tex challenge at Quilt Canada 2018
My wall hanging made for the silent auction as part of the Trend-Tex Challenge at Quilt Canada 2018

I promise to participate once more for the 2019 Challenge! And I will be very fortunate this year as Quilt Canada is close to home in Ottawa!


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