There is a big debate in the quilting industry: pre-washing fabrics

I have always washed my fabrics before making a quilt, and most of my students follow my advice.  However there was a few that
disagreed, but my recent mishap has convinced all.

Let’s start at the beginIMG_1542ning  by explaining why I have always prewashed my fabrics.  Since we work with 100% cotton fabrics, I strongly feel that we need to get it to shrink before we start our quilts.  And cotton will shrink with the heat in the dryer.

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My word for 2016: FOCUS

Three years ago, Victoria Findlay Wolfe invited her readers to choose a word that would be ‘their guiding light’ for the year and to make a banner for it.  My dear friend Cinzia has been making a banner every January since then.

I always admired Cinzia for taking the time to find the word and make the banner.  I have to admit that with my schedule, this was on my wish list only.  And while having breakfast in January with Cinzia, I asked for the third time if she had chosen her word for the year and she said yes and was working on it.

I thought to myself:  If I could just find some ME time again and focus on a word, I could do it too.  That’s when it struck me:  FOCUS!  That should be my word for 2016. Continue reading “My word for 2016: FOCUS”

Stepping out of my comfort zone

Here we go

I have been thinking about it for months but have never quite worked up enough courage to really get started. It was only this morning that I had my ‘’ha ha moment’’ as Oprah would call it.

This morning was my routine dental appointment, the semi annual teeth cleaning that I dread and always end up postponing until it becomes almost one year and that clean feeling in my mouth is just not possible anymore no matter how much brushing, flossing and baking soda I do!

If you hate dentists, you know what I mean. Don’t get me wrong, I have a very good dentist now… It just that he comes over 30 years after one bad encounter… And that one bad encounter makes all the other great ones null and void.

So during that half hour teeth cleaning and check-up, I tried to focus on something nice and rejoiceful. Usually I think of one of my quilting projects or article I am working on. But in this specific moment of my life…. Nothing… Just that big item on my to do list:

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