Stepping out of my comfort zone

Here we go

I have been thinking about it for months but have never quite worked up enough courage to really get started. It was only this morning that I had my ‘’ha ha moment’’ as Oprah would call it.

This morning was my routine dental appointment, the semi annual teeth cleaning that I dread and always end up postponing until it becomes almost one year and that clean feeling in my mouth is just not possible anymore no matter how much brushing, flossing and baking soda I do!

If you hate dentists, you know what I mean. Don’t get me wrong, I have a very good dentist now… It just that he comes over 30 years after one bad encounter… And that one bad encounter makes all the other great ones null and void.

So during that half hour teeth cleaning and check-up, I tried to focus on something nice and rejoiceful. Usually I think of one of my quilting projects or article I am working on. But in this specific moment of my life…. Nothing… Just that big item on my to do list:

Start a blog!

Why? Why should I? I have been in the quilting industry for over twelve years, have been teaching, designing and freelancing for almost 7 years. So why start a blog?

To step out of my comfort zone.

Quilting has always been my refuge, my sanctuary, my ME time. I could just crawl into my quilting cave and leave my husband for a while, and soon enough it was the husband with one… Two… Three kids…. If I wasn’t sewing, I was drawing sketches on graph paper, then playing with EQ5 that turned into 6 than 7. And I loved doing it and turns out I wasn’t all that bad as others wanted me to write patterns, then articles. And I have been having fun for the past twelve years.

I think the biggest change in the quilting industry in the past decade has not been in the art itself but in the technology that enables us to share our passion : Pinterest, Facebook, You Tube, Instagram to name a few. I have been playing with a few of them in the past but never really got into writing a blog. So I decided that it should be my goal for 2016.

But it’s not an easy task… It’s actually stepping a lot out of my comfort zone… Kind of like sitting in the dentist’s chair this morning. And as he gave me the usual thumbs up, which I know he means no cavities or other problems, I see it as you are good to go: RUN

Getting out of that chair and reminding me again that it wasn’t that bad… I figured if I survived another dental check up than I can start writing a blog.

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