About Claire


I have been active in the quilting industry since 2004. At first, I wished to demystify the art of quilt making and make it accessible to all Francophones, so I opened a quilt shop.  It didn’t take too long for me to start teaching,  writing how-to guides and translating patterns and product information into French for American companies. Over the years I became the quilting reference in the province of Quebec.

I started my own line of patterns in 2006 and later began publishing patterns and articles in Canadian, European and American magazines.  You might have seen some of my work in Quilter’s World or Canadian Quilter.  I decided to close my brick & mortar quilt shop in 2016 to be able to concentrate more on teaching, writing and creating.   I have launched my  very first English pattern Dancing Diamonds with PlumEasy patterns.

I have also won a few awards along the way:

  • Best of show at International Quilt Festival Chicago 2018  for Remembering Sochi
  •  Second Place in Vermont Quilt Festival 2016 for  Remembering Sochi
  • Second Place in Salon 2016 for Lone Star quilt
  • Second Place in Vermont Quilt Festival of 2014 for Bienvenue
  • Juror’s choice at the Salon 2012 for Thomas goes fishing

Married with three young boys, I live near Montreal and share my passion for quilting among my neighbors in North-America and my cousins in France.